The expansion of cultural interaction in our world today has made the boundaries to Education unlimited.  Therefore, the importance for individuals to extend their educational experiences is crucial.  YES Opportunities, Inc. offers scholarships to students with the interest of equipping them to be educated contributors to society.

Education is the essence of YES Opportunities, Inc.  It is our "product" and it is the substance that gives us the know-how to operate our organization.  Our organization is comprised of a variety of college educated members.

To advance the pursuit of educational excellence and make education more affordable for qualified students, the YES Opportunities Inc. has established an endowment in the study area of Education.  The Endowment seeks to expand opportunities for students to excel in educational research, innovation, and achievement.  We accomplish this work through St. Augustine's College University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

President Rice-Cobbs is a proud alumni of St. Augustine where she earned her Bachelor's degree.  Along with her graduation from there, St. Augustine has produced a variety of graduates who were notable successes in society due to their background in Education: Ralph Campbell Jr., Anna Julia Cooper, and Hannah Diggs Atkins.  Through our support of students seeking a degree in Education at St. Augustine, we hope to help add more notable names to the history of the school and society at large.

For additional information on the full conditions concerning this scholarship endowment, please contact Mr. Morgan Middleton, Financial Aid Office, at or at 919-516-4307.