Innovation in today's world has helped societies communicate at unprecedented levels of connectedness.  This connectedness creates the need for cultures to comprehend how to relate and interact globally with each other in mutual respect and understanding.  Even within a culture, social stratas exist which impact the intricacies of how persons work together and interact with each other socially. Such distinctions and differences are learned within the studies of Sociology.

YES Opportunities, Inc. is pleased to provide an endowment scholarship fund for students studying Sociology or the field of Social Work.  The pleasure for this endowment stems from the educational background of YES Opportunities' President being a Bachelor's degree recipient in the field of Sociology.  This education adequately equipped President Rice-Cobbs in her initial employment as a Public School Counselor.  Sociology, which involved social work, was the foundation for her being selected to go into graduate studies in Rehabilitation. After completing her Master's graduate studies, she moved onto working in the field of Rehabilitation for over 30 years as a Rehabilitation Specialist.  This substantial background in her career is the basis for establishing this Sociology/Social Work endowment.

As a native of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, it gives Ms. Rice-Cobbs' great joy to have her hometown college of Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) to facilitate this fund.  ECSU is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina system.  Through teaching, research, and community outreach, ECSU is a valuable resource for developing the intellectual capital of the state and for addressing the sensitive needs of northeastern North Carolina. Students that qualify for this endowment, with at least a 2.5 grade point average on a 4.00 collegiate scale, shall be selected by Elizabeth City State University's Scholarship Committee.

Although Sociology and Social Work are the preference areas for application of this endowment, there are some particulars and flexibilities for this fund.  Firstly, the majors of Finance, Business Administration, and Education are also eligible areas of study for qualified students.  Secondly, more than one student may be eligible for this scholarship annually.  For additional information on the full conditions concerning this scholarship endowment, please contact Patricia Gibbs at or at 252-335-3225.